NationalCollective is back online today, with an amended article repeating allegations about Ian Taylor which were already in the public domain.

While taking a highly principled position about their own right to free speech, they then simultaneously seek to restrict the political speech of others which is surely not right. There is a wider point about campaign finance, but since both Yes and Better Together are political campaigns operating under the current regulations and given nobody is alleging that either the donation was made illegally or the money came from illegal activity, that’s not really here nor there.

It’s also not the point National Collective are making. They’re claiming some sort of moral taint in the money due to some extremely shady dealings which are sadly common place in the oil industry. And oil industry which is the economic underpinning for the Yes camp’s economic vision for Scotland. So that is at least somewhat problematic.

Between posting defamatory articles and breaching copyright law National Collective seem to be developing a pattern of sailing close to the legal wind regarding Better Together and then crying foul when it occurs.

It’s all a bit childish.