JamesJames Mackenzie – I’m the former head of media for the Green MSPs, now running my own business. I used to post to my own blog, Two Doctors, but the more communal atmosphere of this project is working better for me. I’m still an enthusiastic party member, I don’t expect to write posts which disagree with party policy, but everything with my name on it is obviously my own opinion. Get in touch if you want to contribute a guest post, or help deliver leaflets, or suggest a game of backgammon.

eEmNrCWS_400x400Aidan Skinner – I’ve been arguing about politics on the internet since forever (well, the mid-90s) and have voted for every party in Scotland that’s won a seat that isn’t the Tories, Christians, or Senior Citizens. That’s what happens you present a 19 year old with a capricious streak with an mixed member system. In 2006 I joined the Labour party, which apparently makes me a black hearted Unionist but I blame the colour on a youthful goth phase…

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Malcolm Harvey – is now Thinking Unpopular Thoughts.

Kate Higgins – is still blogging at A Burdz Eye View.

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