Caledonia advert stillWith the Great Puddin’ O’ The Chieftain Race going on Desert Island Discs tomorrow, it’s prediction time.

First, the music. You normally get eight choices.

Will he go for late-night-at-a-Scottish-wedding mawkishness, or go for a preponderance of tunes from foreign parts to avoid the charge of parochialism? My money’s on the first of those, although surely not even the FM would go 100% Scottish on an occasion like this, right?

Next, the book. Actually, I cheated and looked this one up. I had guessed the Declaration of Arbroath.

Salmond does Guitar HeroFinally, the luxury. A lifetime’s supply of spices so he can keep himself in curry? A saltire to fly from a coconut tree? A wee dram? I’m going for Guitar Hero simply because I found the picture.