Well, we’ve certainly started a trend.  Group blogs are all the rage in Scotland it would seem, and it was remiss of us to allow Tory Hoose to launch without noting its arrival and welcoming it.

Anything that encourages more intelligent and thoughtful discussion of policy and constitution is to be welcomed.  And the Scottish Conservatives have quite an exciting few months ahead, with a real leadership contest and a lot of thinking to do about its electoral fortunes and how to improve them.  It’s good to see a range of opinion and views being attracted to Tory Hoose’s pages on these matters.  Awfy helpful too that Tory Hoose is providing a portal for all the leadership candidates, with news, views and interviews, as well as details of hustings etc – Labour Hame take note.

The blog obviously has a contribution to make to the debate around Scotland’s constitutional future – though, for the moment, that seems to be raging on this here blog space.  But it would be good too, to see Conservative thoughts on big policy ideas and measures being debated – there is a wide spread of opinion in the Conservative party that has all too often been hidden.

The way to create a Better Nation is to tip all the views out, debate them and dissect them, to see what might work.  So, some views from the traditionally Wet Tory wing – whom Margaret Thatcher tried and failed to kill off – as well as the very right wing of the party on things like council tax freeze, preventative spending, minimum pricing, current enterprise and employment stimulation measures and higher education would be good.

Though, of course, we don’t promise to agree with any of it….