Last night I decided to resign as a co-editor of this blog.

This is a decision I’ve been considering for a while, and it finally happened.  I’m too busy workwise to give this the level of attention that it demands, and I’ve lost the will to live trying to argue semantic distinctions in threads 90 comments long, debating whether or not a respective motion is worthy of the “Worst Motion of the Week” honour or whether I understand what independence means.  There were straws and camels, but I very much doubt you care.  I’ve just got too much to do outside this.

Anyway, I’m delighted that I was a part of this from its inception, and I’ll remain a co-founder of Scotland’s best blog, something which gives me great satisfaction.  I doubt that I’ll be missed, since I’ve done very little over the last month or so anyway, but thanks for engaging me in debate.  Thanks too, to the numerous guests who’ve written for us at my relentless urging – I hope you’ve found it a worthwhile experience, and that you’ll perhaps be inclined to do so again in the future.