You’ve got until Monday night to watch Anthony Baxter’s epic film You’ve Been Trumped on iPlayer, but last Sunday night, when it aired, it seemed as if everyone was watching it.

Although the film does not actually cover the Scottish Government’s shenanigans over the project in that much detail, Twitter was full of supporters of all parties aggrieved that SNP Ministers had put Mr Trump’s profit ahead of this community and their irreplaceable environment.

True, they did, but so too did their Labour predecessors, who investigated themselves and let themselves off – which appears to be the only function of the Ministerial code. I’d like to know what this letter says, for instance. The SNP knew all about this in 2007 (the recipient there is now the First Minister’s chief of staff). And it’s not just Scottish Ministers and their predecessors who’ve got questions to answer. So too do Grampian Police and Aberdeenshire Council.

Which is why David Milne is in the process of filing a petition to Holyrood’s Public Petitions Committee calling for a full public inquiry going back to day one, to find out exactly who made what commitments to Mr Trump and when, whether any laws or planning rules were broken, and how, above all, we can ensure no community has to go through what the Menie residents have had to put up with.

I warned years ago that politicians and officials should watch themselves when dealing with him, and that Scottish Ministers, who called the plan in after it had been rejected, rather than waiting for a Trump appeal, should worry about what happens when it all starts to unravel. Let’s find out. When the petition has been finalised with the Clerks it’ll go round for signature. Please support it. Heaven help any politicians who think this process isn’t worthy of proper investigation after all this.

Declaration: I’ve been working with David on this petition in a voluntary capacity.