I am currently in Copenhagen, the city of bikes by the looks of things. Breakfast partly involves struggling through the Swedish Newspapers to see what’s the latest in Valet 2010, the elections to be held next weekend.

One story that exists is the intriguing situation where the leader of the Swedish Greens is dating the leader of the Finnish Greens. The regular flights between Helsinki and Stockholm may not have provoked fierce debate but the question of how the leaders can propose road taxes on the rural drivers while they hop across the Baltic Sea on cheap flights has been raised. It certainly was last night in my company.

For me, to focus on individual actions is to lose sight of the big picture and to dangerously disregard pertinent policies in favour of puff. Much like which school a Labour leader picks for his or her children, a person’s love life and logistics of sustaining it shouldn’t really be part of the wider discussion.

And yet, I’ve not even made it to Sweden on this trip and that’s one of the few talking points I’ve learned about.

Mind you, the Green leader at least isn’t doing as bad as the leader of Vänsterpartiet (the Left Party). He made the deeply unpopular statement, talked about for days, saying that he doesn’t understand why breastfeeding in public is an issue as his wife used a pump and that worked just fine.

Oops. In a country where jämlik (equality) and women’s rights is everything, needless to say that went down like a lead balloon.

The vote is next weekend and the current ruling Alliance looks to be pulling ahead of the Red/Green coalition. It seems the Greens are in the doghouse as even if the Alliance falls short of 50%, the current Prime Minister Reinfeld has said that he would rather . stay as a minority administration than link up with the Greens.

Still, nice to see a new administration that hasn’t done much wrong in the past four years get a deserved second term but one only hopes that that lead is due to something more important than who happens to be going out with whom.

Anyway, I’m going to take one of these free city bikes and go see some sights.