Westminster was besieged by Green activists this week, apparently promoting the need for a Green Investment Bank and reminding George Osborne that such a bank would provide jobs. I know this happened, not just because it garnered some press, but because some friends texted me to pass on the fun they were witnessing.

To me, this helped to confirm the notion that striking or protesting in this country is something of a novelty, a tabloid-friendly story involving people dressed as Batman or ripping off Father Ted quotes for comedy slogans. It seems to be a very British response to a very natural endeavour.

In France and Greece, to name but two placard-decked countries out there, you get the real deal. The French have gone berserk at the prospect of the retirement age going above 60 (ours is moving to 66) and the Greeks are steadfastly opposed to the poor having to bail out its stricken economy (their cuts pale in comparison to Osborne’s slashing of welfare yesterday).

So are Brits lazy? Right-wing? Sanguine? Feart? Why don’t we hit the streets with the same ferocity and passion that our continental neighbours do?

A simple question – what would have to happen before you would choose to protest or strike?

For me, I’m almost ashamed to say that I don’t really know what my tipping point would be. My only protest was on the lovely day out at the Make Poverty History march in Edinburgh but I couldn’t tell you what we were aiming to achieve, let alone if the march was successful. I do remember having a very nice ice cream though.

There is much at stake of course, jobs needlessly lost, a limp response to Climate Change and welfare snatched away for ideological rather than for manifestly practical purposes. Furthermore, much of what has been proposed and implemented on has no mandate (Seamus Milne has a great article on this in today’s Guardian). One could say we cannot go on like this.

I know it’s getting colder out there, the nights are fair drawing in and ice creams won’t be served, but will there come a time that we must man, woman and child the barricades?