It is now exactly six months until the big vote and Scotland is on tenterhooks as to what the result could possibly be. Will it be AV or not!?

I jest, of course. It is the destiny of Salmond, Gray, Scott, Harvie and Goldie that provides the frissons of delight across the electorate.

Well, again, maybe not, but the politicos are getting excited at least.

To celebrate, we here at Better Nation thought it may be fun to predict what the final result will be so, without further ado, here is our best bets:

Labour – 48 seats
SNP – 43 seats
Conservatives – 19 seats
Lib Dems – 11 seats
Greens – 7 seats
Socialists – 1 seat

Result: Labour/Lib Dem/Green/Socialist ‘Progressive Alliance’

(Professional complications prevent James from playing – let’s nominally say a d’hondt-busting 129 Green MSPs)

Labour – 50 seats
SNP – 44 seats
Conservatives – 17 seats
Lib Dems – 12 seats
Greens – 5 seats
Ind – 1 seat

Result: Labour minority administration

Hope to see plenty of predictions in the comments, prizes may be awarded (Ed – on your dime, Breslin)……