So ‘finally’ we know. The Royal Wedding will take place on April 29th. A blessed relief? Union Jacks and commemorative doilies at the ready? No, me neither.

I have no problem with them personally and the best of British luck to Wills and Kate but it is difficult to get excited about the Royal Family in these modern times, straitened or not. I can’t imagine that will change even if the Queen cedes her throne (as she should) to Charles. Monarchs shouldn’t be like baldness and having twins, it shouldn’t skip a generation. To be honest, once Elizabeth hangs up her crown, I’d quite happily cash in the Royal Family, turn Buckingham Palace into shelter accommodation for the homeless in London’s near vicinity and just move on from there. Alternatively, foreigners love the Royals so can’t we just add it on to Las Vegas or put it in a Japanese Museum somewhere and we’ll split the gate receipts? Anyway, selfishly speaking, the UK having a President would just mean more elections which can’t be a bad thing from where I’m sitting. I am pretty sure there are more than a few Scottish republicans who think along the same lines.

This wedding is already sowing division at the border given that England (and perhaps Wales?) will receive a public holiday on the 29th but, as such decisions are devolved to Holyrood, it will be for the Scottish Parliament (Government?) to decide if we should follow suit. I daresay that MSPs will want to avoid the bad press and lack of respect in not calling a holiday for that same day but I do wonder to what extent the public will be behind such a decision. Would it not be more appropriate to have a holiday on St Andrew’s Day (as will be debated in Holyrood this week)? We could postpone this one public holiday and do it on 30th November 2011 on some sort of trial basis, see if we want it to be long term. We already have Easter booked in for late April, we don’t want to cram everything in together.

And anyway, the end of April and start of May is becoming quite a crowded field – Holyrood elections, AV referendum and a Royal Wedding. That’s a lot to pack in and we wouldn’t want to lose our focus when making the difficult decision of what type of Government we want to have going forward. Not to mention voting system, of course.

Maybe Scotland should just give April 29th a miss? But I would say that from down here though, wouldn’t I…