Scottish Labour has, somewhat ironically, 2007 Twitter followers going into today’s cavalcade of tweets aimed at the SNP and its supposed 100 broken promises. It will be interesting to see how many followers there will be come 5pm.

Indeed, if I had the time or organisational savviness, I would suggest a counter-campaign that would actively encourage Tweeters to unfollow @ScottishLabour in protest at their hitherto relentlessly negative campaigning. Halving the number by the end of today would be a challenge but an achievement in itself.

Aside from everything else planned for today, there have been 135 tweets in total from this account so far and they have been riddled with errors and spelling mistakes. With 100 messages to type in 8 hours, it’s graduation day for whoever the young scribe is behind the keyboard.

The big question is whether Labour will succeed with a negative campaign if this tone is to continue. Call me an idealist if you will but ‘vote Labour cos the Scottish Futures Trust is taking a wee bit longer than hoped’ isn’t all that inspiring and certainly not convincing enough to prove that Iain Gray and his team are the right choice for 2011-15. The big idea remains outstanding.

I just hope many party strategists, and indeed individual candidates, can reconsider what the Parliament is there for. There seems to be a lack of focus surrounding what the objective of devolution currently is and we just end up with playground antics instead. Over the past several weeks we’ve seen Wendy Alexander and David McLetchie harrass and harangue visiting academics seemingly for partisan gain, Iain Gray clumsily insult Montenegro just to get one over on the Nats and the SNP administration grind to a halt in readiness for the coming election just to boost its chances of reelection. Where is the consensual politics and the new dawn that we were promised?

Mind you, you get what you vote for in this world and if we want negativity then we already have a frontrunner. There will be 99 red balloons punted up in the air today, (and I say 99 rather than 100 as the ‘dumping of student debt’ goes down as a bona fide broken promise for me). These balloons will either take Labour to new heights or get snagged on the lower branches.

If you’re hoping for the latter, and happen to be on Twitter, perhaps not following @ScottishLabour online to reflect how little you follow them offline is worth considering…