Holyrood's chamberAs electoral stats wonks, it’s annoyed all four of us that there isn’t a decent single point of information about Scottish election results. The broadcasters’ pages aren’t terribly usable, although the BBC’s maps are nice, the Wikipedia pages are good but not purpose-built, and dear old alba.org.uk is a tad partisan, plays annoying sound files, and doesn’t have the 2011 results.

So, we thought (OK, I thought, before I twisted my colleagues’ arms) Better Nation could attempt to fill the gap, and as a result you can see a wee addition to the navigation above. It’s been a fair bit of work over the evenings and weekends, and we should also give proper thanks to Aaron (blog, twitter), who helped process some of the tables.

And now it’s ready. More accurately, it’s in beta testing now. You will find errors (honestly, there’ll be the odd + for a -, people’s names spelt wrong, all sorts, we’re sure - please do tell us in the comments to this post and we’ll fix them as promptly as we can), and you may find the odd note of inadvertent partisanship.

The national results are here, regions look like this, and as a sample, here’s the First Minister’s constituency page. All the constituencies are listed alphabetically here. For vote changes and vote share changes in the new constituencies, we’re using the Denver notional results from 2007 as the baseline.

In addition to finding mistakes, please do also let us know, if you find this useful, where you think we could take it next. Obviously doing historic pages for the three previous elections is on the to-do list, but that might take until the summer. Should we add each constituency’s regional vote breakdown to those pages? Should we ask all 129 MSPs for a short biog and have a page each? Should we try and do each and every ward ahead of next year’s locals?!

Who knows. Right now we’re a bit knackered and phase two is unlikely to start this week. But we hope you find it useful. Even if you don’t, we will!