Just a quick post to welcome Labour Hame to the Scottish blogosphere.

The brainchild of Tom Harris and billed as wanting ‘Scottish Labour’s voice to be heard again but first we need to know what we’re for and what we want to say.’, it looks like the site is aimed at being a catch all party blog from grassroots, through council and Holyrood up to Westminster level. A Scottish Labour home basically, if that wasn’t clear from the title! A big ask for a single website but if it draws out online debate on the Labour side of the Scottish divide, something that we feel we’ve done rather successfully here a Better Nation, then it is to be welcomed.

So go and have a look. Yours truly even got a spot amidst the flurry of today’s opening posts, speculating on why I hadn’t been inspired to vote Labour in my 12 years of being of voting age.

We wish them all the best and look forward to probably locking horns in the future!