Who would have thought that David Mundell could have earned himself such a famous place in the history books – the last Tory in Scotland? 

It’s not a tale that will see James McAvoy chomping for the lead role but if Murdo Fraser is elected as leader of the Scottish Conservatives, the first thing he will do is disband the party and start a new right-of-centre group in Scotland. 

Although I strongly suspect that it is a vote-loser and will do little to change Ruth Davidson being favourite in the contest, the policy is not altogether stupid. 

Most people in Scotland are displeased with the direction that Cameron and Osborne are taking the UK and, irrespective of what differences there are in policy between Scots Tories and rUK Tories, candidates north of the border will inevitably suffer by association. Detoxifying the Tory brand in Scotland, still (bizarrely) suffering electorally from Thatcher’s policies, may well involve dumping Cameron.

After all, we have seen recently how unforgiving Scotland can be in such situations, the electorate ruthlessly punishing Scottish Lib Dem MSPs for a UK coalition that was not of their liking, let alone of their choosing.

Don’t be surprised if Rennie dumps Clegg as swiftly as Fraser is trying to dump Cameron if there is simply no way to reconcile the electoral arithmetic.  

The blatant downside of this policy is that it completely undermines Conservative arguments for the continuation of the union. If the Scottish Tories’ solution to Cameron’s direction of travel is independence, then why shouldn’t Scotland’s be the same? You can almost picture Salmond rubbing his hands with glee as he read the papers this morning, just as much as you can picture Cameron banging his head off the kitchen table.

A further boost for the SNP here is that a break up of the UK Tories, even just a suggestion of it, puts pressure on Labour to do likewise. The fraying of the border got a little bit looser this weekend.

Another aspect of this policy that I don’t understand is that the Tories are using electoral misfortune to justify severing links with London. The Scottish Tories however are easily the 3rd largest party in Scotland which is an important position to be in. In order to cement that position they should really be pushing for greater PR rather than a stronger shade of blue on their party’s saltire. Indeed, had the SNP fallen short of its majority there was every chance it was only going to be the Tories that Salmond could have realistically dealt with. I daresay Fraser would not have put forward such a policy in that instance. Indeed, I daresay there wouldn’t even have been a contest and Goldie would be enjoying her last stint as leader with a deservedly elevated profile. 

No, this policy is too impulsive and too short-sighted, it is looking at the right problem and coming up with the wrong solution.

At the end of the day, once the contest is over, Murdo risks being out on a limb here. Politicians shouldn’t be punished for coming up with new ideas but what becomes of a senior party MSP who no longer wants to be in the party?

I suspect we’ll find out soon.