To see ourselves as others see us.

If that’s often the aim then The Economist has done Scotland a big favour this week with a shocking front page that I personally find insulting.

In jibes that are more common from Clarkson’s slack jaw, our nation ‘Skintland’ includes ‘Grumpians’, ‘Edinborrow’ and the Isle of ‘Barren’. How we laughed.

The odd thing about this front page is that the article in the magazine itself is reasonably balanced, speculating with facts and figures about oil reserves and considering the scale of economies in this difficult economic climate, and concluding that Scotland could very well make it on its own quite comfortably.

However, Scotland will now be ridiculed in newsagents and office desks across the UK. As I said on Twitter last night, this is the main reason why I will be voting Yes to independence.

This is one silly picture of course but it’s symbolic of a much wider issue. I moved to London a couple of years ago and have been genuinely surprised by the lazy stereotypes down here, the rejection of Scottish currency, the ‘jokes’ that we are unintelligible, the assurance that we are scroungers and the sheer ignorance regarding Holyrood and FMs past and present. If we’re not a valued member of this team then we will happily leave and front covers such as this from the Economist will only hasten that departure.

What really struck me about the fierce Twitter debate last night was how quickly the SNP politicians and members lined up to castigate the Economist while Tory, Labour and Lib Dem members, and journalists, were keen to brush it off as just a joke and nothing to get in a palaver about. Well I disagree, you’ve got to make a stand against the perpetuation of scurrilous myths.

The thing is, there’s no reason why this should be an SNP vs unionist issue, no reason at all. The Economist’s decision should be just as offensive to either side. However, there is an almost Pavlovian reaction from the SNP’s opponents to unthinkingly take an opposing view to them, whatever the issue. Remember George Foulkes complaining that the SNP was making things better and doing it “on purpose”, that the Saltire livery on Scotrail trains was too Nationalist even though it was Labour’s idea? They have to learn that being on the SNP’s side and Scotland’s side at the same time is ok once in a while.

I appreciate that Scots are no angels and anti-Englishness can be vitriolic at times. That’s not really my problem if I’m not the cause of it but I do take great exception to being Scottish and having to put up with front pages from journalists that should, and I’m sure do, know better.

I largely enjoy London, I’m looking forward to the Olympics and even The Royal Family is growing on me but, by jolly, there are days when Autumn 2014 can’t come quickly enough.