Everyone loves a good soundbite. Even when they think it isn’t the right time, they just can’t help themselves (‘hand of history on my shoulder’ anyone?)

I suspect, with the starting gun for the independence referendum once again fired, we’re about to be hit with a blizzard of them with the various parties’ press teams having rhyming dictionaries bursting at the seams.

So, for a fun challenge on this day after the historic day before, and whether you’re pro-Indy or pro-UK or something else (pro-Devo Max I suppose), let’s have an open competition to get ahead of Salmond, Lamont, Cameron and co and find the best Scottish soundbite out there with 2014 in mind.

A (very) quick run through the past 13 years of devolved Scotland can get the ball rolling with several zingers from the past:

“we are in London not to settle down but to settle up for Scotland” – Alex Salmond, SNP, 2010

“Journalists have called me “the conscience of the Scottish parliament”, a role which I have been happy to fulfil.” – Robin Harper, Greens, 2003

“If you cut me in half, I’m a believer in the United Kingdom, it’s tattooed on me like a stick of rock” – David Cameron, Conservatives, 2010

“This parliament is the settled will of the Scottish people and I think we all have an obligation to make it work.” Tom McCabe, Labour, 1999

“We in Scotland will not be all that we can unless we lift our eyes to the horizon and look beyond our own set of circumstances.” – Jack McConnell, Labour, 2003

“”It’s not how you got there it’s what you do when you get there,” David McLetchie, Conservatives, 1999

“We’ve got what it takes” – SNP, 2009

‘My reason for being in politics is all about Scotland and its future. It is no secret that, as a teenager, I thought that the political creed of nationalism might offer that future. I also believed in Santa Claus.’ – Jack McConnell
“You can vote for more of the same, for business as usual, for another four years of the stale, grey porridge. Alternatively, you can vote to set Scottish politics on fire by voting for a dynamic new party that dares to be different.” – Tommy Sheridan, 2003

So go on then, what’s yours? Or if there are any from the past that are worth remembering, do add them below.

I have a soft spot for: ‘Scotland stands ready to embark on its unique choose your own adventure story’

If there’s enough takers, I’ll put out a shortlist one by one on twitter with the most RT’d being the winner. So do it, your nation needs you.