Some people are mumping and moaning about the low turnout for these new roles down south. But think how much each vote will have counted for – a much higher proportion of the overall turnout than any vote in recent memory.

Quality votes, if you like, rather than mere quantity votes.

Anyway, what’s next up in the Coalition’s rolling feast of democracy? The people, a select few of them at least, are hungry to vote for roles previously regarded by stick-in-the-muds as “non-partisan”, i.e. to be stultifyingly occupied by boring civil servants.

Where’s the progress in that? Where’s the democratic oversight? Is this what our ancestors died for? Here are some suggestions for the next posts which could use a little “people power” to bring them into the 21st century:

  1. Chief Scientific Officer
  2. Doctor
  3. The Director General of the BBC
  4. The Queen
  5. Traffic warden
  6. Returning officer
  7. First Sea Lord
  8. Head of planning
  9. President of the Supreme Court
  10. Head of HMRC

Think about the quality of candidates we’d get, too. Mr Delingpole might fancy the first on the list, for example, but I would press David Attenborough to run against him. First Sea Lord would attract some excellent candidates, keen to muck about in boats and with a thing for leadership – also look at the excellent hat you get (see above), and what an epic job title. I’d probably make a much better doctor than my doctor too – he never takes my requests for high-end recreational pharmaceuticals seriously.

And head of HMRC! What fun! Which companies should pay their full tax? You decide. Same thing with planning – the back-scratching opportunities would be immense. Traffic warden might sound like less fun, but a committed environmentalist could just do all the 4x4s and leave all the Priuses (Priii?) alone. And it’s working in the outdoors, keeping fit. Probably less competitive than the election we’d see for Queen, as well: there’d also be quite a lot of traffic wardens to elect. Thank goodness they wouldn’t all get a Freepost leaflet or we’d need to elect more posties too. Returning officer may also sound quite dull, but you get to pick who’s elected next time, so that’d actually be quite powerful.

Anyway, the logic is impeccable, and today the Coalition has made a great start. Three cheers for democracy!