Lots of interesting stuff in the Sundays today including a poll commissioned by the Greens showing that they could be Labour’s coalition partners. You get what you pay for or reasons for Depity First Minister Harvie to be cheerful? In the Scotland on Sunday meanwhile, arch-unionist David Murray backs Alex Salmond for a second term (which Kenny Farquharson somehow construes as being bad news for Nats). To be fair to the Deputy Editor, SNP activists didn’t appear to be over the moon at the news. 

Coming back to that poll, a poll that shows Labour a good 10% or so ahead, this does suggest that last week’s Ipsos-Mori result with the SNP ahead was ‘rogue’ but I personally do not think so. I have not seen the detail of it but the unaltered results apparently had the SNP 13% ahead and weighting against the 2010 Westminster vote alone has given Iain Gray’s party that lead. Westminster voting intentions seems to be an odd barometer to use given that every man and his dog was voting tactically to keep the Conservatives out last year. 

So perhaps interventions from the likes of David Murray are the best indications of who is up and who is down in the Holyrood stakes. The entrepreneur may have suffered of late but his influence is unquestionable and not, as some may so crassly put it, in Govan alone. This is after all the man who masterminded the hugely successful South Gyle business park in Edinburgh, there’s more strings to his bow than Rangers Football Club (not that Nicola Sturgeon will be complaining about the endorsement!)

So what of the Greens? Well, it is little wonder that they are releasing a poll in The (Glasgow) Herald suggesting that a Labour-Green coalition is possible, which it still absolutely is and a tantalising prospect at that. There are a lot of juicy second votes available in the West from those who will vote 1at vote Labour. 

Add to this the consideration that Holyrood’s small party seem rooted to that thin Green line of 5%\6% which can mean anything between 0 and 7 MSPs and one can understand any bout of nerves that the party may be feeling. 

The Greens were wiped out in Ireland this week, a result that drew the suggestion that the Green movement is biodegradable. 

Whether this applies in Scotland remains to be seen but when Green MSPs could be anything from Cabinet Ministers to endangered species in a few months’ time, every positive headline and poll result counts. 

Does YouGov trump Murray? It probaby depends on what colour of rosette you are wearing.