Current MSP: Jim Eadie (SNP) [MSP website]
Party Candidate Votes +/– % +/–
SNP Jim Eadie 9947 +4414 29.4 +12.3
Labour Paul Godzik 9254 +1478 27.4 +3.3
Liberal Democrat Mike Pringle * 8297 -3434 24.6 -11.8
Conservative Gavin Brown ^ 6298 -896 18.6 -3.7
Majority 693 Turnout 33796 Swing +4.5% SNP gain
The SNP has gone from 2nd in 1999, through 4th in 2003, through 3rd in 2007, back to 4th in the 2007 notionals and then finally to 1st in the 2011 elections. Margo MacDonald stood here for the SNP in 1999. The seat and its predecessor Edinburgh South have also changed hands between three parties, first Labour, then the Lib Dems, and now the SNP. Prior to devolution the Conservatives held the equivalent Westminster seat. On this showing it looks like a true three-way marginal, with the Conservatives not far behind.

Notes: Given boundary changes since 2007, variations in votes and share between seats with different boundaries would be misleading. We use the Denver figures, essentially a calculation of the 2007 votes cast within 2011 boundaries. More information on this here.

Symbols used:

* – Incumbent
^ – Challenger holding a list seat in previous Parliament
# – Lost deposit