A smattering of predictions for the 12 months to come:

The Holyrood election will be won by Labour, at least insomuch that it will gain the highest number of seats. There is little room for gains on the regional list for the SNP and they look vulnerable in too many constituencies. Furthermore, as impressive as he is, Alex Salmond has served as SNP leader for longer than Thatcher or Blair served for their respective parties and I suspect enough people will believe that he has had his time to deny him a second victory.

The Labour minority Government will get off to a stuttering start and lack a sense of purpose from the beginning. An early introduction of student fees will lead to similar riots (update: I mean ‘protests’) north of the border as was witnessed south of the border.

The AV referendum will be won by the ‘Yes’ team. I’ve sensed a shift in fortunes for the Yes2AV campaign recently and they seem to have the impetus at the moment. I suspect that to continue and most will come to realise that to support FPTP is to defend the indefensible.

The Calman proposals will lead to a dog’s dinner of a Scotland Bill and support for Scottish independence will noticeably creep upwards as a direct result of this, and from an increasing disregard for the UK’s direction under the current Coalition.

Vince Cable will voluntarily leave the Cabinet and Nick Clegg will cling onto the coalition agreement through the Lib Dems’ darkest hours of this parliamentary term.

The markets will recover fuelled by a City boom borne out of relatively cheap share prices and smart trading given continued volatile global markets. This will mask a world of pain as super-profits for our largest companies will cover the tax receipts of the many small companies and sole traders that have to go out of business. An entrenched political deadlock will ensue where ‘the right’ will point to increased private sector tax receipts and ‘the left’ will point to anecdotal evidence of further inequality and a widening gap between rich and poor.

Annabel Goldie will step down as party leader after another lacklustre campaign, to be replaced by a Murdo Fraser coronation due to no other Tory Young Turk fancying the job at this time.

Scotland will reach the Rugby World Cup Final (and get thumped by the All Blacks).

The Edinburgh trams will start to run and there will be a near-instant change in popularity for the project.

Lord Salmond will take his place in the House of Lords amid much controversy, within and outwith his party.